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WIOA Funded Agencies

There are several Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) agencies in Las Vegas. The good news is that they are funded to assist you with Job Placement, Occupational Training, Job Skills, and/or Other Job Related Resources

Career Assessment Tools

The first step to your success is completing a Career Assessment. I have provide several Career Assessment Tools for both youth and adults.

Occupational Certification

Are you seeking training that will help you become employable. There are several WIOA Agency that have funding to pay for your training if you qualify. Find out more!

National Job Search

Take a view minutes to review some of the employers currently hiring in the United States.

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Successfully Equipping Nevada's Job Seekers For Today's Workforce
Job Skills Development And Coaching Since 2001

As a result of our job skills development and coaching, Nevada's job seekers were able to acquire the necessary skills needed to obtain jobs in the following positions and/or sectors: electrician, technicians, healthcare (including Health Information Technology and Electronic Medical Records, Mental Health and Coding), Computer Information Technology (including “Green” IT), Construction (including weatherization, retrofit, green building, laborer, and photovoltaic), Energy (including smart meters), Automotive (including electric vehicle and Hybrids), and personal care (including home health and mental health) data entry, customer service, and online positions.

  • Job Skills Development
  • Employment Placement
  • Employment Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction

What Is Your Personality Type?

Complete Your Career Assessment To Determine What Career Paths Work Best For You
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Prefer practical hands-on, physical activities with tangible results. Prefer building, fixing, repairing objects, or mechanical things, or working outside.
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Prefer direct service or helping opportunities involving advising, counseling, coaching, mentoring, teaching, or group discussion. Drawn to humanistic or social causes.
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Prefer business situations involving persuasion, selling, or influence, enthusiastic, energetic, assertive, and self-confident. Drawn to management, leadership or marketing roles.
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Prefer structured business situations involving data analysis, finance, planning and organizational tasks. Value efficiency and order.
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Prefer unstructured situations involving self-expression of ideas and concepts through different artistic medium such as art, music, theatre, film, or multi-media or writing.
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Prefer to solve abstract problems involving science or engineering related subjects. Curious about the physical world and why and how it works. Enjoy intellectual challenges and original or unconventional attitudes.

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